Verge is a small town that was once on the outskirts of civilization (hence the name). However, the wilderness nearby has since become quite civilized in the last few decades and the name is now more than a little ironic. Verge is now a center for the trade of specialty items that are not profitable enough to warrant a permanent shop but sell well if only offered on a limited basis (such as artwork, items from foreign lands, and items needed for seasonal celebrations).
Population: 2000
Government: The official leader of the town is the mayor, but a trio of wealthy families have more political clout than he can realistically claim.
Defense: Verge has no standing army. The Guardsmen of Verge serve as the local police force but are more for show than anything else.
Inns: The only inn in town is the Lodge of Merchants. Verge gets very few visitors, and those who do visit are usually in town to sell their wares in the marketplace.
Taverns: The Ale Grove and The Soup Keep
Supplies: Trader's Court
Temples: Selune and Azuth have temples in Verge. Paladine, Araleth, and the Raven Queen all have small shrines.

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