Good Powers

Araleth Latheranil

The Prince of Stars, The Twilight Rider
Araleth Latheranil is a good power of light, starlight, and twilight. He is known for his hatred of the forces of darkness and his rivalry with Vhaeraun that has been more violent, some say, than the that which existed between Lolth and Corellon before their fall.
Alignment: Good
Allies: Selune, Paladine, Azuth
Enemies: Vhaeraun, Shar
Symbol: A shaft of white light


The Soul Forger, The Dwarf-Father
Moradin is the patriarch of a small pantheon of dwarf demipowers, and the only one of the group with more than a handful of followers outside the dwarven race. Moradin's portfolio includes metalcraft, stonework, and the advancement of dwarf interests.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Allies: Paladine
Enemies: Shar, Takhisis
Symbol: A hammer and anvil




The Lady of Silver, The Moonmaiden
Selune is a good power of the moon and good lycanthropes. She is known for her rivalry with her twin sister Shar.
Alignment: Good
Allies: Araleth, Azuth
Enemies: Shar
Symbol: A pair of silver eyes surrounded by a circle of stars

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