The Shadow's Apex Campaign is in the planning stages now. The following are some some guiding principles and sources of inspiration for the campaign:

  • Years ago, the world was thrown into chaos. A series of events threatened to destroy the world itself and very nearly did. The world as sages once knew it has changed drastically, and this time of chaos is known now as the Great Upheaval.
  • During the Great Upheaval, many of the world's powers were destroyed, banished, or relegated to demipower status.
  • Lolth, Corellon, and Elistraee are all gone, presumably dead. Their portfolios were absorbed by Shar, Araleth, and Selune respectively.
  • Paladine and Takhisis are new arrivals, taking the place of several other powers who disappeared.
  • Although most live in ignorance of the danger, the world is on the brink of another great cataclysm, in which the Prime Material and the Shadowfell will be merged.
  • Those who know of the coming cataclysm work to either prevent it or expedite the process.
  • The characters will not be required or even expected to get themselves involved in the coming of the cataclysm, but it will play a significant role in the game.
  • Lots of inspiration will be drawn from the following sources:
    • Tome of Magic (particularly the shadow magic section)
    • Dungeon #136 (particularly the "Gates of Oblivion" adventure)
    • the Planeshift storyline from Magic: The Gathering's Invasion block
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